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Duechting Pumps North America LP - Quality Through Experience

Duechting is a global market leader in the Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) slurry pump and mine dewatering markets. Through continuous technical innovation over our 75+ year history Duechting has successfully tackled the most difficult applications in these markets and increased customers’ expectations of all equipment in these applications.

Flue Gas Desulfurization slurry pumps


Duechting's MCC SICcast® wet FGD absorber recirculation pumps provide the highest wear and corrosion resistance available today - with a lifetime warranty against corrosion and an extended wear warranty of six to ten years on the hydraulic components.

There are two principal challenges for pumps in wet FGD service:

  • Corrosion due to low pH and high chlorides,
  • Erosion caused by gypsum particles and other solids from the ground limestone.

Traditional solutions have involved either a rubber-lined or alloy pump casing paired with an alloy impeller. While these solutions have proven to be effective in many cases, they have limitations - namely the difficulty of finding a metal that is sufficiently corrosion and erosion resistant in this high chloride environment. A further concern is the high cost of alloy material.

SICcast® material for wet FGD


In response to these challenges, Duechting developed SICcast® in the early 1990's to be impervious to chlorides and bromides and withstand pH values from <1 to 12. As such this mineral cast material specifically addresses the corrosion and erosion problems encountered in other FGD slurry pumps and significantly reduces the price of these pumps at the same time. We then developed and patented the manufacturing processes to replace all of the metal wetted components with SICcast® and reversed the mechanical seal design to keep the shaft out of the process. The end result is our lifetime corrosion and extended wear warranty on all SICcast® parts for our MCC pumps in wet FGD absorber recirculation service.

Retrofit wet FGD pumps


Our MCCR pumps are available as plug-and-play replacements of our competitors' absorber recycle pumps. They require a bit more base plate structure to support our more substantial casing feet but are designed to require minimal changes to piping and foundations.



Our multi-stage pumps are ideal for circulating dry scrubber ('CDS') dry FGD applications. It is designed to handle extremely corrosive processes with large amounts of dissolved solids with either a radial or axial suction. It is available in a very wide range of sizes and metallurgies to offer the best solution for the project water specifications.

Mine dewatering pumps

Dewatering pumps

Duechting's LHK, MHK and HK pumps are ideal for mine dewatering, as they were designed for the deep mines located in the region near our factory in Witten, Germany. These pumps are designed to handle dirty - and often very acidic - mine water with 5+% suspended solids (by weight) with very good wear life. The fact that every mine is a bit different means that we manufacture our pumps out of a huge range of metallurgies to fit specific applications - ranging from carbon steel for the cleanest, non-corrosive applications up to duplex or super duplex stainless steel for the most corrosive and abrasive applications with many different grades of chrome steels and stainless steels between. We are not limited to 'standard metallurgies.'

We have also designed these pumps to operate at four-pole speed to further improve the pump wear life - by a factor of six - over our two-pole competition. (The only exception being our smallest pumps with very low flow rates due to the physical limitations of casting the impellers for four-pole speed.) Additionally, our mine dewatering pumps are designed to be maintenance-friendly so the mechanical seals, balance disks, and bearings can all be replaced with the pump in situ underground.